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Let's Be Honest, Travel Is Expensive

You'd love to travel more, but can't justify spending thousands for flights and hotels?

Maybe, you would love to sit in business class instead of being stuck in coach next to a screaming toddler for the entire flight?

Or you would love to take your family on that dream trip to Europe or Asia for the summer but you keep putting it off to "one day"?

What If There Was A Better Way?

Imagine speeding through bag check lines without having to deal with the hassles of bag checks...

Sit in the luxury lounge as you order your favorite drink and eat delicious food while you wait to board.

And enjoy priority boarding as you lay in your business-class bed, before arriving at your dream destination well-rested.

All 100% free and completely paid for with points?

This is all possible. It's true. I know, because I've been doing it for 20 years, and now you can too.

If you keep reading...I will show you how I do it...

ANYONE with a credit score over 700 using my proven step-by-step system can enjoy the perks of luxury traveling.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to get started with credit card points and frequent flyer programs. And to make it worse, the best strategies are usually kept secret by those using them.

That's why it became my life's mission to learn how to do it so I could help anyone enjoy the benefits of FREE luxury travel. Regardless of how much you earn or spend each month. 

In just a few hours of learning my system in short simple & easy to understand videos, you can begin using the same method that took me two decades to learn and perfect.

That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Most people know me from my TV work on Good morning America, Good Day LA or come to my regular rooms I hold on Clubhouse,  but for those who don’t know me yet...

About Your Instructor


I have helped thousands of people enjoy the benefits of FREE travel using my proven step-by-step system.

I've personally used this system to travel the world for free for the last 20 years. As a single father, I know how to travel both with a kid and in style & for business - only using credit card points & air miles.

After years of helping people on a one-to-one basis, now for the first time ever, I am opening up the secrets of free travel to everyone in America. 

For years, people consulted with me on a one-to-one basis, but there was an issue! Only the wealthy could afford my time. I want to help the average American fly for free. This masterclass is my way of making this knowledge available to everyone.

My groundbreaking & simple system has had me featured on GMA, Good Day LA, and many other news outlets around the country.

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way

I spent years doing research into credit cards, points & frequent flyer programs – and it started to pay dividends. I then started traveling on planes regularly for business and I always managed to have a business class seat.

I then turned my hobby into an obsession and my obsession, into my full-time job helping others learn how to do the same.

Before I knew it, I was skipping through security, sipping the best Champagne in private airport lounges, and flying in the comfort of business-class, all 100% free

I only had to cover a few bucks in taxes, but the rest? All was covered by points. Life was good!

I finally cracked the code, and I knew I had to share it with others.

Now You Too Can Travel In Luxury Without The Hassles

FREE Lounge Access

I will teach you which credit cards get you access to the best airport lounges. 

Priority Boarding

Enjoy priority boarding and skip long-wait lines as everyone else waits to board.

Breeze Through Security

Why wait in line when you can have TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and Clear, all free when you select the right credit cards.

Fly in Business Class

Enjoy your 6 foot lay flat bed at 30,000 feet & actually sit back, relax, and enjoy your FREE flight.

And the best part?

You can have it all by using the right credit cards at the right places. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A HUGE SPENDER.  Your flights will be paid for with credit card points and air miles when you use my proven system.

Introducing the Fly FREE Academy

The Fly Free Academy is the world’s ONLY end-to-end points framework designed specifically for free luxury travel.

I've developed an online program designed to teach anyone how to use credit card points to achieve free luxury travel for life.

This is what I believe to be a unique and easy step-by-step program for anyone to unlock the power of using credit card points for free travel. No matter whether you are a complete novice, beginner, or even have intermediate knowledge of points… this is designed for you!

Paying for flights, traveling coach, and dealing with the hassles of cheap flights is a thing of the past, it's time to UPGRADE your life.

This program will teach you the art of using credit card points and how to never pay for travel again.

  • You’ll learn how to go from complete beginner to traveling 100% free for business or pleasure using the same system I've used for the last 20 years.
  • Discover how to take your family on a dream vacation without spending a dime on flight costs.
  • Enjoy traveling in business-class and spending time in luxury lounges.
  • and so much more!

The best part: You do NOT need to change your spending. You can earn thousands in free points by spending the way you already do!

The points partner program is a no-fluff course to go from beginner to pro at using points and travel in style.

Access our Entire Course Library of Easy to Follow Videos!

Complete with over 60 video lessons that walk you step-by-step through the enitre process. The course was developed so you can learn entirely at your own pace. 


Module 1 - Incoming Points - How to Earn Credit Card Points ($497 value)

In this module I have 36 videos that will teach you how to get as many points as is mathematically possible based on how much you spend each month. This includes:

  • How to get more points with Signup Bonuses.
  • How to earn up to 4X points for every dollar that you spend just by using the right credit card.
  • Learn which cards are best for you based on how much you spend.
  • And much more!

Module 2 - Outgoing Points - The Fly Free Methodology ($497 value)

In this module I will teach you how to leverage your points in order to get you the most free travel that is mathematically possible based on your monthly spend. This includes:

  • Sending Points into Frequent Flyer Programs
  • How to Book a Flight on Points
  • Finding the Best Priced Mileage Tickets
  • Avoiding Airline Taxes & Learning the Best Time to Book Flights.
  • How to Turn 120K Points into $7K Worth of FREE Travel!

Module 3 - Earning More Points (without Spending a Dime) ($497 value)

There are other ways to earn points than just spending money on your credit card. In this module I will share my tips, tricks, and hacks to help you maximize the amount of points that you earn every month. This includes:

  • How to take advantage of third party apps that get you more points.
  • Strategies to get you up to 4X points even though they only offer you 1 point for every dollar.
  • Maximizing Your Points on Large Purchases.
  • Earn Points From Every Receipt.

Module 4 - Credit - How to Increase Your Credit Score ($497 value)

Your credit score is incredibly important and this number determines wether or not you can lease a car, an apartment, or even qualify for a loan. This includes:

  • Improve Your Credit Score Within a Month.
  • Learn How to Properly Track Your Credit Score and Profile. 
  • How to Build Credit For Your Familiy
  • Credit Monitoring and Freezing. 

Module 5 - My Credit Card Reviews (Priceless)

I review the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 15 most popular credit cards in America so you can select the cards that are right for you. This includes:

  • How to Select the Right Cards That Earn You the Most Points.
  • What Are The Best Cards For Your Bonus Category Spend? 
  • How to Select Credit Cards that Don't Report Back to Your Personal Credit.
  • Why You Need a Business Card Even If You Don't Have One.
  • Credit Card Pairing Strategies.
  • What Are the Best Cards That Get You All the Best Travel Benefits, Including Free Lounge Access?

Each Module has a $497 value – that’s a Total Value of $2,485.

But if you enroll now you can take advantage of our special discount.

You get all the above modules for only $333!!

But that’s not all, when you join The Fly Free Academy today, you’ll also gain access to this exclusive bonus

Bonus - Hotels, Airbnb's, Travel Tips ($297 value)

In this module I will show you how to use your points to get status, the best accommodations, and I even show you what to do when your flight is delayed. All this and so much more so you can get the most out of your free hotel stays and Airbnb rentals. This includes:

  • Using Points for Accommodations.
  • Searching & Booking Your Airbnb or VRBO.
  • Airline Status.

Total REAL Value = $2,782

But if you enroll today, you won’t pay $2,782. You won’t even pay the $1,497 price I charge my private 1-on-1 clients. For the first time, I am making this available for an insanely low price that’s affordable for anyone...


Enroll in The Fly Free Academy today!

Get instant access to our course library filled with easy-to-follow step-by-step training videos. This is EVERYTHING you need to go from beginner to pro using credit card points to travel in luxury for free.

Yours for $1,497!

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Don't Take My Word For It

Here's what our students have to say...


"I just came back from a first class trip to Europe, I think that says it all. I now get around 40% more points each month and save about $350 a month due to the recommendations that Owen made." 

- Bryan R.

"With 2 new credit cards and some great advice, I have now booked my husband & I to Japan and back for free...In business class. This guy knows what he is doing. He is for sure my Points Partner!" 

- Louisa B.

"Aside from getting more points every month, I now have an entirely new way of shopping for the home that saves me time & saves us around $300 a month.

- Simon R.

The Time Is Now

Either you can act now, or you may miss out on this incredible opportunity to finally use credit cards to travel in luxury.

Never before has this system been made available to the general public.

For the first time, I am revealing the proprietary system that I usually teach only to private clients 1-on-1 for a minimum $1,497 fee.

Some people have told me I'm crazy for offering all this value at such a low price but I want EVERYONE to have a bed on a plane for free - so it simply must be affordable.

I'm Ready!

Are you ready to have your bed on a plane for free ?

You are one click away from accessing the exact system I've used for the last 20 years to travel free, upgrade to business-class flights, and more!

I've put together everything you need to go from complete beginner -- to know exactly how to use credit card points to travel anywhere you want.

  • Learn how to understand your credit score and profile to know which cards are best for you
  • Learn the best cards to use that give you the most points.
  • Learn how to meet minimum spending requirements to get the sign-up bonuses
  • Learn how to qualify for premium credit cards with the best rewards.
  • Learn how rewards programs work and how to leverage them to your benefit
  • Learn how to manage multiple cards easily and avoid annual fees.
  • Learn how to best maximize cards to get the most out of your points and rewards.
  • Learn how to optimize your points to get free flights and upgrades - including business or first-class
  • Learn how to transfer points, when & how to make them worth more
  • You'll learn all this and much more!
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Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other programs out there, I’m not here to grab your money and run. I want you to get results.

That's why we ask that you only join if you're 100% committed to learning the proven system AND willing to show up and complete the full program. If not, we kindly ask that you find another program to help you...

That being said, I understand you may not know me or may have been burned by some other program in the past, so here's a guarantee I will honor…

Invest in this program, go through every training at least 3 times, submit your homework, and if you don’t see results within 90 days, I’ll happily refund every penny.

Sound fair? If so, then click below to join, and let's get you started!


Enroll in The Fly Free Academy today!

Get instant access to our course area filled with easy-to-follow step-by-step training videos. This is EVERYTHING you need to go from beginner to pro using credit card points to travel in luxury for free.

Yours for $1,497!

Enroll Now For Just $333

I'm Ready to Fly for Free!

Special Offer

Enroll in The Fly Free Academy today!

Get instant access to our course area filled with easy-to-follow step-by-step training videos. This is EVERYTHING you need to go from beginner to pro using credit card points to travel in luxury for free.




98 Video Lessons
and Counting

Module 1 - Incoming Points - How to Earn Credit Card Points

  • Get the best signup bonuses
  • Select the right types of credit cards for you and your lifestyle
  • Get the most points possible from your monthly spend
  • Get access to airport lounges, TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and Clear with the right credit cards.

Module 2 - Outgoing Points - The Fly FREE Methodology

  • Learn how to find the best priced mileage tickets
  • Learn how to use frequent flyer programs and transfer partners to get the best deals
  • Learn how to get everything setup for booking free travel

Module 3 - Earning MORE Points

  • Learn tips and tricks to get you even more points.
  • Learn how to maximize your points on large purchases.
  • Learn how to get up to 4x points for every dollar you spend on a home renovation 

Module 4 - Credit - How to Increase Your Credit Score

  • Make sure your spending isn't affecting your credit rating.
  • Learn tips and tricks to increase your credit score in as little as one month.
  • Learn how to establish and build credit for your children and family members. 

Module 5 - My Credit Card Reviews

  • Learn the best credit card pairings that will get you the most points
  • Learn which credit cards that will get up to 4x points for every dollar that you spend.
  • Learn the secret travel perks for each credit card and understand when it makes sense to pay the annual fee 

Bonus - Hotels & Airbnb's

  • If you're not paying for your flight, why are you paying for you accommodations?
Enroll Now for only $333

The Choice Is Yours To Travel In Luxury For Free

We’ve created a curriculum that provides you with everything you need to go from a beginner to a pro at using points to unlock free travel for life.

That being said, you have 2 options:

Option #1 - Do nothing and keep figuring it out on your own while you're stuck in coach and paying for your flights.

Option #2 - Commit to learning my proven system, enroll as a member, and gain access to all the knowledge you need to fast-track your success to FREE flights for life!

Of these 2 choices, ask yourself…

Which is the better choice?

You can keep putting the dreams of traveling on hold and trying to figure things out on your own, or you can become a member today and unlock immediate access to everything you need to start flying for FREE.

Enroll Today for only $333

If there’s something wrong with what you bought, or if you are not happy with it, you have 1 month to issue a full refund, if you have watched the entire course in its entirety and took action.

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